Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Hell and down

Hey Folks,

I got my phone turned back on but our WPFS hotline is Kaput. We had hoped for a jolly good swell 20th anniversary show, but with me being called The Scariest Man on the Hill , everything has changed. I can not set foot in the Library of Congress because for the second time in 10 years, another LC employee has told the LC authorities that I am evil. A female co-worker accused me 10 years ago of going postal. She also said that she was a gospel star in Japan and performs surgery on lions at the zoo. This other woman has accused me of sneaking up on her when she was in a No Escape position. She refers to black people as n*ggers. She says:
"Well that's what they call each other." This woman is now in charge of my old staff. Do ya get the picture now. I'm outta money. I've been placed on indefinite suspension without pay since August 18 2009. I get no paycheck and the bills are piling up......but like a real trouper...the show must go on. The show tonight is called: " It Came from Somewhere Else". It's a indie underground sci-fi comedy. Next week we celebrate the films of William Castle.
-Carl Cephas

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mr. Freedom

Hey Folks! My life has gone from Hell to the center of the microwave set on High. I'm still on suspension and my phone has been cut off....but like a real showman that I am...The Show Must Go On!

Tonight we've got a rare film called Mr. Freedom. I'm on a public terminal at the library so you're going to have to do the research ya selves. Peace ...out.