Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Space Hercules!

A space Hercules comes to Earth to save Ghetto kids.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This one of our favorite films

When a diplomat's son is kidnapped. Las Vegas Showgirls are recruited to rescue him. Their training takes less than a week and in that week, they learn to fire guns and drive tanks. They also manage to sneak in and out of foreign countries. The big bonus is that they can still take group bubble baths with the entire squad. The extra bonus is the Scooby-Do ending.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What could it be? What is the reason for GREEN SLIME!?

Scientists, go figure. They try new things and sometimes it kills us. Like those underground explosions and those anti-matter black hole machines they've been experimenting on. All they create is death, destruction, and monsters. What does this have to do with The Green Slime, you may ask? The answer is everything. You see, I'm not a scientist, but I've played one at home with my Skill craft Chemistry set. In the film, The Green Slime you will see the same mistakes scientists make and it's all in outer space.
First there's this asteroid headed straight for Earth and the next thing you know we've got The Green Slime.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dynamic Black Heat

Ah! The good old days. So bad and so tough, but it was entertaining.
 Back in the day if anyone mentioned Blaxploitation , they'd be looked at funny. You know why? The word didn't exist. It was just pure exploitation and black cinema. Can U dig it, man! Black Heat wasn't the original title for this film. That don't matter anyways. What matters is that
Black Heat is an action film about a kick-ass detective named Kicks Carter. Think Richard Roundtree as Shaft, but without the budget. He's after the bad guys and he's got a mystery to solve. Solid!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Funny bottom of the barrel laughs.

Outtakes is what you would call "Bottom of the Barrel" , but it still provides hardy laughs when you least expect it too. I'm just kidding, Outtakes is sexy romp of movie spoofs. It's worth checking out.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Video Vault is closing.

*Washington**, D.C.**’s Video Vault
Closing Doors For Good **After 25 Years*

I'm writing to share some sad news. After 25 years as a mainstay in Old Town
and among movie-lovers and wackos nationwide,* Video Vault* will
soon be* finis*,* kaput*, closed forever.
What happened? Well, the story of packaged media (movies, but also music and
maybe books) is simple: It's all about* digits*. Too many digital downloads,
too many digits on that rent check.  My wife Jane and I always believed in
the value of good advice and customer service. In tough times, low cost and
convenience trump all that.
We haven't had any time to really look back over the 25 years, but we did
scrape up some of our favorite news articles about the Vault. Sorry to say,
the* National Enquirer* piece isn't available online, neither are the
*or *Wall Street Journal*, but here's some stuff that helps tell our
story, a kind of virtual press kit:
   - Finding VHS in a DVD
2006 -
   - Movie 'Turkeys' Run Free at Specialty Video
1990 - Associated Press
   - Thrillers Are Treasure at Alexandria's
1987 -
   - Treasures in Relocated
Vault<>- 1993 -
Washington Post (preview)
   - Best Place to Rent Bad
2008 - Washington City Paper
   - Vault About to Burst <> - 2002 -
   The Astounding B Monster
   - Video Vault
Multimedia fansite about Video Vault
My wife Jane and I will be around the store until the end, telling our story
and selling off everything that will fit through the door, especially our
collection of 65,000 movie titles, ranging in quality from the great to the
good to the God-awful! Many titles in our inventory are impossible to find
elsewhere - we've prided ourselves on selection that no chain and no other
mom & pop store could beat.
Our* GOING OUT OF VIDNESS* sale starts today and runs until April 30. Come
see us, you never know what amusing title, anecdote, or graphic art might be
fodder for your reporting.
I'm in the store from 11-6 nearly every day. You can reach me at
703-549-8848. I'd love to hear from you, and tell a few stories, and yes,
get some more folks in the store at least one more time.

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