Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forgotten 80's film..funny cause it's so un-pc

The WPFS presents a rare 80's film that's filled with stereotypes and very un-pc humor. That's right..its "Hollywood Hot Tubs. A weed teen vandalizes the famous Hollywood sign and has a choice between going to jail or joining his uncles' plumbing company. Since he feels that he is too pretty for jail, the plumbing job is the one. So what you get is a bunch of California jokes and nudity for about one hour. That's better than a peep show, Jack. Tonights doorprize is : The Love Rat (Oh Yeah Buay!)

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Mike Licht, said...

Rats. Real sorry I missed this one.

I became a legend in my spare time by writing the song "(I Cried) Hot Tubs of Tears (Over You)."

Mike Licht