Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Tell Mom About Tonight

Oh Boy, do we have a show for you tonight.
Apparently, our jive-ass nurse can't make it so
you're all on your own. What you will see tonight will make you shudder. You will surely be changed. Use Google to find the nearest house of worship cause your gonna need it after seeing what we have lined up for you. Some of it will be nasty. Some will be very strange. You may even see your parents in situations that you never imagined. Sorry, no Barbie dolls singing Carpenters songs, but there might be a devil doll.
For about 20 odd years we've shown the DC area some twisted stuff, tonight is no exception. In celebration of us getting to the BIG 20 we present to you tonight a smorgasbord of eye tickling delights.

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