Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you don't scream, they won't get you. They're the Blind Dead.

Hey folks, it creepy spooky fun-time. Get ready to be super scared. Don't drink too much water 'cause you might just piss your pants. Boo! Ha, did I scare you. Good. Tonight, we watch 'The Return of the Blind Dead'. Sounds spooky, no. It's the sequel to 'Tombs of the Blind Dead' a great Spanish horror film from the 70's. Revenge is the motive for these dead folk. They were once Templar's who were doing some pretty nasty sick things. The townsfolk caught wind of it, captured them, and blinded them. Now they are back for BLOOD and REVENGE. With these stiffs being blind and all, you've got to be pretty stupid to get caught by them or you're in a horror movie. Shut-up and run is the way to survive. In the first movie, the dead kind of get away and it was open ended. Now we see that they are after some towns people who just won't keep quiet. Some folks never listen.

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