Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lil Babies Shouldn't Bitchslap

Hey baby! Yeah, you little baby! WTF? Oh, I see. You got a little demon in you. Don't we all. Uh-hem! This gem of a film has multiple titles: The Devil Within Her/ Sharons Baby/ and I Don't Want to be Born. An ex-club dancer has a baby that doesn't seem quite right. While most babies piss and throw-up. This little tyke starts bitch-slapping anyone who gets near its crib.We're talking a newborn here folks..with a severe attitude problem. What could be causing it? Gas? Demonic possession? Well, it's not my child, but it does belong to Joan Collins and she has to deal with it. What is the mystery behind this strange baby? Watch and find out. You'll be very surprised.

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