Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Warlords of the 21st Century aka Battletruck

Some say that this film is a rip-off of Mad Max. Sorry, there were dozens of futuristic fuel mercenary films in the past. This isn't one of them. I feel that these films show a slightly altered look at our future if we don't conserve our natural resources. Who am I kidding? They'll always be alternative energy sources. A-hem, I've strayed from the path. In 'Warlords of the Twenty-First Century aka Battletruck'  we catch a glimpse of what may be. Crazy people fighting and searching for fuel. One maniac has the advantage over most of them. He drives a Battletruck and he uses it to smash and grab as much fuel that he can haul. Your measly little picket fence is no match for the Battletruck. Luckily, these folks have a hero in their neighborhood and he looks like one of the Bee-Gee's. He's got a nice pad. Keeps to himself, until they drag him in. Then things get tough. Don't mess with Andy Gibb.

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