Monday, September 20, 2010

Affordable movies for the whole famn damily! The Drive-in's

Movies were always expensive when you had a tight budget. That's where the Drive-ins came in. You could load up the car with family and friends for one low price. The snacks were cheap. There was usually a park or playground in front for the early birds. The parents would bring the kids in their PJ's so's that when they returned home, the kids would already be dressed for bed. I've always had fond memories of being at the Drive-in. It was one of the few things that my family and I could do together. During nude scenes my father would  either cover my eyes or ask my sisters if I was asleep or not. I'd hear, "Is the boy asleep?" That was my cue to fake sleep with one eye open to enjoy a huge screen of nekkid female flesh. The last films I saw with my parents at the Drive-in were a John Wayne movie, 'Big Jake' and my favorite science fiction movie of all time, 'The Green Slime'. It was a night to remember.

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