Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cameos by Count Gore DeVol and Skizz at WPFS

Blood Boobs and Beast is a documentary about schlock director Don Dohler. He made some legendary films around the Baltimore/Washington area featuring Dick Dyzell (Count Gore DeVol). Don became a local underground legend with his film 'The Alien Factor'. It gave us midnight giggles. Tee Hee. When other directors gave us a
a worn-out tired monster, Don gave us a more freaky product that was up there with 'The Outer Limits' monster. You know, scarey, but you knew there was a guy in the monster suit. Plus our buddy old pal Skizz is in there. Come on out and see some fun freaky monster stuff. We're giving away passes to the new movie,
'The Reader' starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes for this Wednesday December 17 at the AMC Loews Georgetown at 7:30pm.

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