Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Kick in the Head PART ONE

The owner of The Meeting Place told me : "After tonights movie. You are not welcome here," Roberto said "My regulars don't like movie night. They like to hear music and talk. Last week, you told one of my regulars to be quiet."
"We were showing a movie. He was drunk and screaming", I replied.
"But he was a regular."
"You only had 5 people at the bar."
"The regulars are afraid to come on movie night."
"What regulars!?"
"It's just not working out. You can show up next week or tonight can be your last night. I'll leave it open for you. I am sorry." I was dumbfounded. We've only been there for a month and on movie night almost every table had a WPFS person sitting behind it. The bar had about 7 regulars.
(End of part 1)


thuff said...

Hey Carl, you might wanna look into these venues, Chief Ike's Mambo Room-Adams Morgan (they're upstairs is closed half the time), The Big Hunt-Dupont Circle (they're basement is closed half the time), or even RFD-Chinatown (they have a back room that might work).

Anonymous said...


I agree with Thuff. The problem was mixing moviegoers with barflies. It gets difficult to pick them out of the popcorn.

Basically a place with a separate room is what you need. That way you can ticket at the door and not be bothered by idle drunks.


The Newbie

Mike said...

Well, crap.