Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have just finished 3 weeks of jury duty. Now, it's back to business.
  • Rock and roll.
  • Drugs.
  • Sex.
  • Groupies by the dozen.
  • Topless teens.
  • A crazed slasher.
  • A band called The Clowns and they dress like mimes.
These are the ingredients for the film: Terror on Tour.
don't like rating movies or say that they are good or bad, but I will say that Terror on Tour is jaw-droppable. Meaning that your jaw will drop and bounce around the room like a kangaroo on pcp. Yes! This film has to be seen by a proper deserving WPFS audience by all means! It will be my duty to hire another jive-ass non-certified doctor or nurse to re-attach the fallen jaws. Since I am Doctor Schlock, I volunteer myself because I have seen this film, thus I have the knowledge and expertise to get the WPFS members through a screening of this has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed gem of a flick. We have not set a date or found a club for our screenings. I am just so excited to be out of jury duty and to have seen this film. Now I just want to share it with everyone. I feel it is my duty to please your psychotronic booties. So bear with me as I venture out once more in search of a place to screen these psychotronis wonders. These films must be seen by a respective audience. So out I go, into the future because that is where you and I will spend the rest of our lives!

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