Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ZXARPH! Ahoy! Good News Humans!

I've talked to one club manager and he has agreed to let us show our films at his joint. The deal is not sealed and I don't want to jinx it. So I won't give you the name of the club, but I will give you some clues:

It is on the Red Line.
It has a smoking license (you can smoke at the bar but not in the screening room.)
There is no kitchen (you are allowed to bring food in from the neighboring restaurants.)
It is in D.C. (in a safe neighborhood.)

It will be temporary, but at least we can share some funky films with our freaky friends again.

1 comment:

Mr. P said...

When that venue is done, Chris from Marshall's in Foggy Bottom said you might be able to use a space upstairs.