Tuesday, May 12, 2009

C.H.U.D. Chugalug Tonight

Luckily we screen in semi-darkness for tonight the C.H.U.D. will be among us.
Tonight, we will know no shame. Tonight, the WPFS presents the origins of
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dewellers aka C.H.U.D.'s.
That's right we will be screening the 80's classic film 'C.H.U.D.' Find out how they came to be. What they love and what they eat. Find out why they prefer the underground living rooms. Tonight, look to the right of you and look to the left of you
because you may be closer to a C.H.U.D. than you think. Stay late and discover some dark secrets. Arrive early and discover the truth about local politicians from an underground source. Bring plenty of cash, the C.H.U.D. and WPFS both love and need money.
Bring an extra pair of underwear because you may just yet Pit your shants. Dr. Schlock may
pull out some crazy stuff tonight. So crazy, that we can't even hint at what will happen or what laws will be broken. Small adults and large children will not be admitted. If things get out of hand.... You will be tased!

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