Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What has science done to the DOGS!

A small town is over run by wild dogs. Well dog gone it. Let's just call them radioactive dogs. Radioactive crazy dogs are terrorizing a small town in this
what-has-science-gone-now-and done film. The dogs are chasing the townsfolk around like rabbits. Of course, there is a reason for all this but you are going to have to decipher it out yourself. The director must have stumbled upon a mother-lode of stock footage containing dogs cause that's what he keeps using to keep the suspense going while the real dogs in the film just look on off screen at their handlers and await some signal that never comes. I mean come on...who is terrified of chihuahua
or a sheep dog. Anyways kids, it's a real scary movie about DOGS. I'm talking thrills and chills folks. The final scene in this flick will have you howling.

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