Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazed Alcoholic Tour Guide

Treasure of the Amazon is what some people call an Indiana Jones rip-off. WRONG! The Indiana Jones films were rip-offs of earlier serial adventures. I'm not here trying to defend either one. I'm just saying that this film has more of a crazed reality to it. Greedy Honchoes looking for gold on sacred ground. Bad men trying to hustle the natives. Topless women on horses. Bad men threatening topless woman on a horse. Well anyways, these bad boys go floating down the river and no one trusts the other.
Hungry Hungry Hippos and other jungle creatures glaring at them from the jungle. Angry Angry natives staring at them from the jungle. All this comes together with a lot of backstabbing. Unlike the kind that goes on at your job.

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