Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Warehouse is going under renovation. So the WPFS will not be screening there this AUGUST. Tonight is our last screening til September. Plus I'm having more trouble on the job and am fighting a 2 week suspension without pay. Ive been accused of more wrong doings. Kind of like 10 years ago when some coworkers decided to frame me for a crime that was never committed. Yes, the 1998 Going Postal fiasco. So I'll be doing that....I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind sort of thing. I'll keep you all posted. Later folks.


Nate said...

Noooo! Hold it together, man. I've only just started enjoying your fine film selections.

Anonymous said...


I haven't been able to get out to much since the showings have started at The Warehouse. But I'd be more than willing to pick up some work to help keep it going while you're dealing with work related stuff.

If you can use any help, hit me up:
Emily -

Chris said...

Sorry I missed Hellhole. I went by the Warehouse tonight only to find the doors shuttered. I'm glad I found an explanation here that isn't 100% doom & gloom. Good luck fighting the power at work and feel free to shout out if you need any assistance getting the screenings started again.

An August without psychotronic films... BooHoo!

Worried Man said...

I'm still fighting the power.

Anonymous said...

Jeez! Best of luck Carl. You're a man of awesome taste. I hope you triumph and that your health is back on track.

George said...

Hi Carl:

You, at one point, and maybe still do, have my couch. I've only been to Psychotronic once in the last year because of fatherly responsibilities. I'm sorry to hear about your job troubles.

The American Diabetic Association has a pro bono attorney network. The following site is an advertisement for lawyers, but has a phone number you could call:

Rob C. said...

Good luck! If you need help we're here!