Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't open the window and don't drink the water or you'll become a ZOMBIE!

Ahhh! It's the BIG BAD RETURN OF THE WPFS after some brief interruptions. I saw tonight's film under this title when I was a teen, 'Don't Open the Window' which was the  more schlockier title than, 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie'. This is not your everyday fast paced zombie flick. It's more realistic. It takes place in a small village where everybody is at peace. Even the local hippies who get blamed for some bizarre happenings. The dead are returning to life and they don't care about 4:20 or getting stoned. They want human flesh. It has something to do with some folks tampering with Mother Nature and you know what that means in a horror film. A bum trip.

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