Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Good times bad times ...we've seen them all

We are still trying to save the Video Vault. Despite our own shortcomings. Go visit them and buy some films. You people have no idea on how bad things are. Once places like the VIDEO VAULT vanish then you have cable television, Amazon, and NETFLIX to satiate your mental fun zones. They are not real people....but enough about our bleak future. Here's Bad Ronald a boy child who kills accidentally and is coddled like Cartman  on South Park. He is hidden from the world in a hidden room inside his freaky little house. When Ronald's mom buys the farm, Ronald is left to fend for himself. OH JOY, the house is sold and with it brings a pubescent girl-thing to get Ronald all fired-up for some fun times. From inside his sick twisted mind and his hidden room he watches the unsuspecting family. What does he see? What does he do?

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Chris said...

John Cregan from Severin is showing this at E Street this weekend as a Video Vault fundraiser.!/video/video.php?v=1398578200920&ref=nf