Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Freaky Weird Cartoons We Grew Up With

In the old days of WPFS we used to do Retro Nights almost every 2 months. We stopped because it was expensive and time consuming. Besides, a lot of stuff is out on DVD or You Tube.
Tonight, we dug out some oldie but goodie stuff. Some banned.
Some freaky. Some very offensive. Some very strange. We've put together a collection of freaky, hard-to-find, rarely seen,
and fun animation. We have 2 versions of Tobor the Eighth Man. One version is aimed at the younger audience and the other version is edited to be darker and aimed at an older crowd.
Hercules is here too and he brought along Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot. If the audience is nice. We'll show something really rare and something really really really crazy.

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