Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We are still at the Warehouse 1021 7th st. N.W.

"Forgive us, Sugardaddy, for we have sinned."
"I'm afraid you have to die!"
A killer priest is on the loose in swinging England. Did he forget the 10 commandments or is he just plain out of his friggin
We invite you to see The Confessional aka The House of Mortal Sin. This is the same director that brought you, 'House of Whipcord'. The last time we tried to screen this chilling gem, the VCR tore through the tape like cotton candy. Hopefully, tonight there won't be any strange boo-boo's...besides..
we've learned from out past mistakes. We always bring a back-up selection. There will be holy water at the bar for all your mortal thirsts.

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Mr. P said...

"The Confessional" was a terrific thriller! I found the ending completely unexpected. I saw another Pete Walker film, "Man of Violence", on the old channel 50 back in the '80's.