Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies Behind Bars

We venture once again into the realm of forgotten genres.
This time it's a WOMAN-IN-PRISON film. Forgotten and taboo like the Crazed Nun films. Vendetta is the happier of the WIP films because the heroine has the advantage of being
in shape and mentally ready for the challenges of Raw Female Sexual Energy behind bars. After all, she is a Stunt Woman. Her sister gets sent to prison and something bad happens to her. The stunt sister wants to know what happens. She gets herself thrown in the slammer and the women there think they have themselves another kitten to play with. She's a kitten alright..A Kitten with a whip and a pair of brass knuckles! Who wants a night time knuckle sandwich? The WPFS brings this wonderful family film to you in living color.

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