Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mistress of the Apes equals Mega Jungle fever

The WPFS brings to you a delectable piece of wonder from the man who bought you Zontar: The Thing from Venus and Mars Needs Women .....that's right...Mr. Larry Buchanan. This film is one of his better ones and that's not saying much. The phrase that comes to mind when watching an LB film is "Speach on film!". Meaning...lots of talking where there should have been action. Anyways..Mistress of the Apes
is about a woman who drops out of society to shack up with Darwinian
cavemen even. It's a very strange sexy erotic psychotronic film that tickles the brain and then wets its finger to give you a Wet
. Got that! Good! Come watch this unique and wonderful film that
takes you where most Tarzan films leave off. Banana anyone?


Justin Baker said...


Here are the ten most psychotronic films made in West Virginia according to a research librarian named Steve Fesenmaier:

Mike said...

Oh, that was a fine, fine flick. Thanks!

Mr. P said...

I really enjoyed the film, Carl. Thank you very much.