Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our Mothership has landed once more

Greetings People of Earth! This is The WPFS
contacting you from our super kewl secret base hidden deep down in the bowels of DC.
We have once more returned to you. Yes! YES!
We are back! Thanks to Molly and Paul at The
Warehouse Theater.
Starting Tuesday March 17th on Saint Patricks Day at 8:00p.m. The WPFS will begin screening at The Warehouse 1021 7th street n.w.

Subway stop is the Mount Vernon Sq 7th st-
Convention Center.
Walk down 2 blocks and you are there. More info later. We have to break transmission. The water police have informed us to get The Duck out of here.



Joelogon said...

Congratulations on a safe landing.

Joelogon said...

Oh, and I think you mean Tuesday, March 17th, not the 27th.

Worried Man said...

Thanks Joe! Fixed now it is.