Saturday, March 07, 2009

Yes, You are Ready for Prime Time!

Here it is folks, the middle of March and we have a new screening room. The Warehouse Theater at 1021 7th street N.W.
in Washington,D.C.
We did a lil film festival here a few years ago and now we're back. It's a very intimate place and we hope you will join us on Saint Patricks Day March 17 2009 at
for Prime Time. This is one of those spoof films that fell between the cracks but we dug it up for some needed laughs.
In the vein of The Groove Tube and The Kentucky Fried Movie this film is their bastard cousin. It even has
Kinky Friedman singing a funny booger song. So mark down your calendar and loosen you pants because it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Mike said...

Hey, great location. Is there a bar?

futureshock said...

Perfect - I'd thought that place closed last year?!?


Worried Man said...

Mr Paul who runs the place said that there would be food and drinks.

The Warehouse thought they were closed but with all this wacky real estate mumbo-jumbo, the deal is still in limbo.