Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to a Psychotronic Future

With all the celebrations going on in town, I had to put off my footwork for new locations. I shall return to them tonight.
Earlier last week, I had dropped by Recessions on L street.
It was crowded and hot. I did not get to talk to the management.
I'm really worried about transportation. For you folks that mentioned The Big Hunt, well..we had a strange falling out with them a few years back..but times have changed. Just like at Chief Ikes where we were kicked out a few years ago.
is still on the list. WMATA has launched a new shuttle
bus that runs around Union Station and other joints in that realm. The shuttle will drop you off in front of The Atlas on H street and that's near The Palace of Wonders. If any of you
happen to drop by any clubs, put in a mention about us so we can get our foot in the door. Word of mouth is so important in this bizness and we thank you for your support.


Chris said...

Many exploitation filmakers were ex-carnies, so Palace of Wonders has the most sympatico vibe for a psychotronic film showcase (you could show Cannibal Holocaust or Supervixens and it would merely blend into the theme of the joint). It is off the beaten path for those relying on public transport though. The Red Derby is a good place too, but has the same transportation issues. I suggested Bourbon because, despite being somewhat yuppie-ish, it's upstairs space seems underutilized with a giant projection screen and good soundsystem to boot. In the end, I think the choice of venue should be boiled down to the proximity to a metro line and the attitude of the club towards this enterprise (i.e. appreciative of the business being brought to them, and being supportive of wpfs versus a lone straggler or barfly who can't handle that a "weird" movie is playing).

Weary Wolf said...

I'm not finding an option to follow this I missing something?

Worried Man said...

Weary Wolf
The sole reason for this blog is to keep in contact with the WPFS people.
We're not here to solve Earth's problems. Simply to relay what's going on.

Weary Wolf said...

Thanks. Sorry to hear that...not the part about solving the earth's problems...I was hoping to keep abreast of what you were posting without having to think too hard about it!

Anyway, best of luck and keep loving those movies!