Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We live by night and I work by day

Hey folks, The WPFS is still alive! I'm now trying to drop by all the clubs that people have suggested in the past week. I got sidetracked with a cracked tooth and have seen 2 dentists in 2 weeks. I'm now back in action and will check out the layout at Chief Ike's Mambo Room on Columbia Road in N.W. DC. We were there a few years ago and have been invited back. The owner of Solly's Tavern has given us an invitation, but I haven't set up an appointment yet with him to check out their layout. Word has been put out on the street about us to The Black Cat so I need to get back to them. We've done a few shows there before. A few people have mentioned Wonderland, 1409 Playbill Cafe, Recessions, The Palace of Wonders, Bourbon, and The Red Derby. I've got to do the math and figure out things like transportation and comfortability. I thank you all for the help and the suggestions. Check back here and our webpage at for more updates. Until next time......


thuff said...

Although, the Palace of Wonders is probably the coolest club in DC, it's not metro accessible. You might wanna add The Big Hunt to the list, they have a large downstairs (and try to say "The Big Hunt" five times fast).

Anonymous said...


Once again, I agree with Thuff. The Big Hunt is next to Dupont Circle Metro. And yes, I cannot say it 5 times quickly, without laughing.

Ideally any place you pick should be close to Metro. That way we do not have to worry about driving or parking.

Also, I received the Bluetooth Broadcaster this week and will be testing it soon.

Because I'm looking forward to an AMPLIFIED World!


The Newbie

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend Playbill Cafe... they have their own crowd and it would not mesh well with the WPFS crowd. I know because I worked there for a few months.

Worried Man said...

We were kicked out of the BIG HUNT a few years ago. Some one on the staff decided to rig up another line to our VCR and dub their own tapes. I thought that wasn't too cool since these were entries to a film festival and the filmmakers didn't want to see their works bootlegged across the globe. We were also kicked out of Chief Ikes a few years back..but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

black cat! or palace of wonders. or wonderland