Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jury duty

I was not able to get together with the folks at Chief Ikes' last night. I was....tempted to go by the Meeting Place to see how their 3rd anniversary party went, but instead I treated myself to a Jumbo slice of pizza and called it a night. I start jury duty on Friday so that puts another curve ball in my schedule. Please keep those suggestions coming...and think about the places I mentioned earlier. From the list I gave you, which ones do you all prefer. Email me back your choices.


Humberto A. said...

As a suggested by telephone, Recessions on L street NW two blocks from Farragut West metro 18th street exit.

Anonymous said...


The Big Hunt is next to the Dupont Circle Metro. The regular crowd there will not be concerned about our movie nights. Besides, anyone who can get thru them, deserves to join.

However, if the place is near Metro and our crowd likes it, then its OK by me. You are the man in charge.

I am just the Newbie. And I'm looking forward to an AMPLIFIED World!


The Newbie