Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Last night at the Meeting Place

Thanks to every one of you that turned up for our last screening at The Meeting Place. We outnumbered the bar cronies 25 to 4. It was a cold and rainy night. Sleet and temps in the 30's yet people still made it out. From what we saw last night, if we were not there, the club would have had only 4 people the whole night. I was able to watch the door all night and only WPFS came down the stairs to watch Megaforce. The church lady was there too, grinding her teeth. The good news is that the WPFS has been contacted by at least 4 club managers and owners that want our business. I think from what I hear,
our patrons would like a separate screening room away from the loud bar patrons. We had 25 people show up on a blisstery night. Each person had a least two to three drinks and at least one meal so do the math. A $4 dollar beer times 3: $12. Throw in a hamburger for $5: $17. Now multiply by 25: $425! On a bad night too. Not too shabby. In the next few days, we'll be meeting with bar managers in several clubs to see what is best for the WPFS so come back here for the latest info and check our website at


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear things are working out! I can't wait to see the new screening room.

Make sure the managers understand that they will make money on the popcorn and peanut concessions.

Also, if there are still ambient noise problems, I am willing to donate a BlueTooth Audio broadcaster unit. Anyone with a bluetooth headset will be able to listen directly(within 30 feet).

Because I am looking forward to an AMPLIFIED World!


The Newbie

Chris said...

Quite unfortunate. In retrospect, the times that I did make it out to the movies at The Meeting Place, I only got the sense that we were welcome the first night we were there.

If I am remembering correctly there were almost as many WPFS people there for Dolemite viewing as there were people sitting in the bar area that first night. Almost all the seats near the TV were filled by the second week of December.

I have no qualms leaving a place that does not want our business.

Mr. P said...

It's too bad you have to move. The new places you are considering will probably be better anyway. I did get the impression that The Meeting Place's regulars were a bit freaked out by the subject matter of some of the films shown.