Monday, January 26, 2009

I have been chosen!

Ugh! They've semi chosen me for a jury!
I have to report again on Tuesday Jan. 27th.
I had jury duty on my day off! UGH! I don't have a cellphone or a laptop. I have no way of communicating with any one. Arrgh!
I ask again of any of youse regulars might want to do some foot work for the old WPFS by going to a joint and putting in a good word for us about needing a space. MY HEAD IS READY TO BURST! Keep watching the skies!

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Anonymous said...


If you have not served on a jury before, be advised that you will have to sit in the courtroom for at least 4 hours without eating or drinking.

Since you are the man who was hit hard by diabetes, be certain this is not a problem for you. Otherwise get a doctor to notify the court on your behalf.

Because I do not want your head to Asplode!

And as always I am looking forward to an AMPLIFIED World!


The Newbie